What We Do

Our Mission is to demand educational opportunities for Kansas City kids that are rooted in equity and liberation by collaborating amongst stakeholders, coalition-building, objective data and research, and strategic communications.


Engage organizations that represent parents, students, educators and the community in pursuit of high quality education for every student in Kansas City.

Identify and advocate for data-driven evidence-based policies with the power to transform educational outcomes for Kansas City kids.

Ensure the Kansas City community is informed and up to date on all opportunities to advocate for kids and families in our city.


Collaboration is the cornerstone of Action Fund’s work, and Kansas City is home to some incredible organizations that share a common vision of change for our students. We are proud to stand alongside our community and the following organizations as they go to work for kids in Kansas City.

Kansas City Action Fund is excited to work with a wide range of partners who share our values and commitment to the learners of Kansas City. Please reach out for partnership opportunities.