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We believe that a community focused on student outcomes impacts the trajectory of student lives and transforms Kansas City for the better. Join us in advocating for the rights of marginalized students through research-driven program support and implementing policy change.

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Kansas City Business Journal

Prioritizing Students in KC’s Public Schools

The past several years have been challenging for public education in Kansas City. The pandemic disrupted learning experiences and caused kids to fall behind academically and socioemotionally, putting additional stress…
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Kansas City Business Journal

Voices that Matter in Education Decisions

Across Kansas City, many people and organizations are trying to make major improvements to address complex problems affecting our population. Education is chief among them. In a recent Kansas City…
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Kansas City Business Journal

Why You Should Care About Third Grade Reading

According to 2021 Missouri Assessment Placement (MAP) testing scores, only 395 of 2,006 assessed third graders across all Kansas City district and charter schools tested proficient or advanced in reading…

About Kansas City Action Fund

Our missionis to advocate for a world-class public education for all students through data, policy, and collaboration across Kansas City.

Our goalis to ensure that students are at the forefront of school improvement decisions in Kansas City. We accomplish this by bringing together a diverse coalition of families, civic leaders, elected officials, and business leaders from across the city who are engaged in driving a more successful future for students in Kansas City.


Career Opportunity

The Kansas City Coalition Steering Committee is looking for a Director to lead the start-up and expansion of the KC Parent Coalition. The Director is responsible for managing the KC Parent Coalition, reporting to its Steering Committee, to execute and advance the mission.

State of the System Report

View KC Action Fund’s State of the System Report, highlighting data points on all KCPS district schools and all charter schools, in order to effectively advocate for improved educational outcomes for our students. The following provides several, simple data points for KCPES.

KC BriefED

KC Action Fund has published its first KC BriefED: 2022 Education at a Glance, which examines a few key education data points including the impact of COVID on learning, third grade reading, and teacher recruitment and retention.

Let’s Take Action

KCAF is engaging and elevating diverse voices to improve the quality of education for Kansas City students. Data becomes policy. Policy becomes advocacy. Advocacy becomes action.