Policy Agenda

Kansas City Action Fund’s believes that education is a public good, a shared social endeavor. We all have important roles in realizing the right to quality education. Elected leaders at the state and local level have an essential role to play in delivering on the promise of public education. We acknowledge that our educational systems have produced disparate student outcomes for far too long and that the scope of change necessary in PK-12 education is substantial. We are following the CCS Equity Rubric to set our agenda.

Kansas City Action Fund will support policies that:

Ensure equity and inclusion.

Every student should receive what they need to succeed, which will be different for each student. Education should advance goals of inclusion, participation, retention, and completion. Students should be free to learn without fear of discrimination or marginalization.

Support quality education.

Students should access and education that supports development of essential skills in reading, writing, math, social and emotional development, so as to pursue living wage careers that transform their lives and community. This requires school environments where all students are actively and meaningfully engaged in rigorous instruction.

Build communities of support around students.

Student success depends on more than just the happenings inside a school building. Students need engaged families and trusted adults both in and outside of their learning environments. They need teachers who reflect their diversity. They need schools and neighborhoods that nurture trust.