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Prioritizing Students in KC’s Public Schools

The past several years have been challenging for public education in Kansas City. The pandemic disrupted learning experiences and caused kids to…
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Publisher’s Perspective

Welcome to the November 23, 2022, edition of Kansas City’s Northeast News. This issue is somewhat of a milestone for us here at the House of News and we’re proud to make it happen, given it’s been almost a decade since we printed a 24-page paper. That, in and of itself, is worthy of noting.

Northeast News

Northeast residents mount formal opposition protest against school closures

Parents, teachers and Lykins Neighborhood residents have just left Whittier Elementary School on a school bus, bound for tonight’s KCPS School Board meeting to formally protest the district’s blueprint 2030 plan which closes three schools in the historic Northeast community, Whittier being one of those schools.


Safety concerns lead Hogan Prep to temporarily close doors

The state of Missouri has temporarily closed the doors at one Kansas City high school, citing significant safety concerns. Those safety issues are forcing teachers at the school to consider whether they’ll stay according to a letter from Missouri Charter Public School Commission.

Springfield News-Leader

Missouri must measure what matters in education

Imagine going to a basketball game but being told before tipoff that the scores for each team would make up less than half of the determination of which team won the game. In this scenario other metrics, such as the coach’s degree or the quality of the transportation to and from the game, would play an outsized role in deciding the winner.

Kansas City Business Journal

Voices that Matter in Education Decisions

Across Kansas City, many people and organizations are trying to make major improvements to address complex problems affecting our population. Education is…
Kansas City Business Journal

Why You Should Care About Third Grade Reading

According to 2021 Missouri Assessment Placement (MAP) testing scores, only 395 of 2,006 assessed third graders across all Kansas City district and…
Northeast News

LEC advocates for more Latinx educators

Edgar Palacios, President/CEO founded LEC (Latinx Education Collaborative) in 2018. His goal for his non-profit organization is to strengthen a diverse representation of Latinx educators in the classroom.