Breaking Bread
for Education

Did you receive an invitation to a
Breaking Bread for Education dinner from Kansas City Action Fund and SchoolSmartKC?

Yes? Here’s why!

At KC Action Fund, our vision is one city, coming together so that ALL kids in ALL schools are on grade level. We advocate for a world-class public education through data, policy and collaboration across KC. We know we can’t do it alone. As the saying goes, “It takes a village.” And in our case, it takes a city, and a dream.

To do this work effectively, we need feedback, insight, and support from our community. That’s where you come in. Our commitment is to bring together a diverse coalition of families, civic leaders, elected officials, and business leaders from across the city who are engaged in driving a more successful future for students in Kansas City. We are excited to host you this week at Breaking Bread for Education, where we can share a meal and share ideas on how we can work together as one city to support our students, families, and communities. While we’ll handle all the logistics, we ask you to come with one thing prepared: an open mind.

We ask you to join us not only for dinner and discussion, but for dreaming. Imagine what the solutions could be and identify what we can do to advance towards equitable education access for all. We ask that you dream out loud and reflect on one question: what is my dream for education in Kansas City, for all students, families, and communities?

We have a long road ahead of us before we can confidently ensure that all students in Kansas City have access to the resources, experiences, and opportunities needed to thrive. But as a city, let’s make our dreaming a reality.

In community,

Rashane Hamby

Director of Public Policy and Communications
Kansas City Action Fund

KC Action Fund

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